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Absoulute Zero

Last Login: 14.5.09 19:32:41

Hi we are Absoulute Zero, we consist of a drummer, a lead guitarist and acoustic guitar and vocals if needed but we are mainly a instrumental band, we focus on eggagerating the sound of the instruments we love!! We have been togethor for a while now and are linked with the band Beneththebroken.

' A guitar screams better than some singers and its more reliable'

We will get a demo CD out soon after we get to the recoring studio.

We have an completly unique sound and cannot compare outrselves to any other bands but our influences incluede Linkin Park, Newton Faulkner, disturbed and guns and roses.


If you want to get hold of us feel free to email me on the adress given below.




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Comments for this Band

Beneath The Broken
i dont know we'll think about it, where are you thnking about playing because you cant just turn up t somewhere
Posted: 14.5.09 - 8:03pm

Beneath The Broken
a support band? why? check out our myspace
Posted: 14.5.09 - 7:58pm

Absoulute Zero
Woo hoo
Posted: 14.5.09 - 7:42pm