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Lake is a three-piece Grunge band from Telford.

We play Grunge type music and play total originals as well as around   3-4 covers.Our catalog consists to about 2 and a half albums. We have been influenced by bands like The Beatles,Queen and The Pixies, aswell as more recent bands from Nirvana,Vasalines,Pagoda,The killers and Jeff Buckley and the 90\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Seattle Scene. we would describe this as most rock music from the 60\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s right the way through to today.

We see ourselves as successful for our age (14,14 and 16) and have been offered a gig at the NIA(national indoor arena) in Birmingham as part of an exibition. We are very pleased with what we have created and hope to make this go somewhere big. As recording capabilities go, we are very limited as money and time is a big issue.

We are currently UNSIGNED and are SELF MANAGED.

We have had drummer issues which has effected our regieme and has forced us to cancel a lot. This problem is now solved but we still feel we need about 3 months to get back on our feet(as of May 2010)

Our lineup is as follows

Dan Clark:Guitar and Vocals

Dan Childs:Bass

Adam Unwin:Drums

We hope you get a chance to see us soon as we have arranged a lot of big oppertunities for publicity. you can check here, on our myspace(rarely used) or our facebook page.



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Comments for this Band

New lineup: dan:guitar/vocals dan:bass/ vocals nick:drums/vocals luke:guitar/vocals
Posted: 21.7.09 - 7:21pm

the band has changed name and line up :)
Posted: 21.7.09 - 7:04pm

Dreaming Tree, The
Hi Dan, Nice to hear form you and that you are still playing guitar. The music service is running an under 18s rock night at The Place every 3 months, if you can send me a CD or if you are rehearsing at some point where I can come and see what your like I might be able to get you on the bill. Cheers Dan Jones
Posted: 1.4.09 - 8:13am

hi this is dan. the gig may be moved because of lack of practice time because of some filming I am currently doing with the BBC so come back for further updates At the moment the gig will take place as usual
Posted: 31.3.09 - 8:46pm

this is guitarist for Distain (dan) notice might be changin gig location on the 25th to the duke of york if my contact doesnt get back to me so check beck soon for updates!!!:P
Posted: 30.3.09 - 9:21pm

Hey i'm the bassist for Distain (BEN) music is my life you must come to our gigs and tell us about them !!! :P:P
Posted: 30.3.09 - 8:40pm

dude ignore that comment were back like we were originally :P come to our gig
Posted: 30.3.09 - 8:26pm

We have a drummer and guitarist/singer/songwriter any good bassists out there want a job in a grunge band for 13 year olds?
Posted: 4.3.09 - 9:46pm