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Decadence in Berlin
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Decadence in Berlin

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The members of the acclaimed pop group Decadence in Berlin were born in the order of their descending-height. Robert was born first. Then Graham, by an entirely unconnected chain of events. Afterwards, Lucy was born by the same parents as Robert. Everything else is mostly unimportant.

  • Graham Reynolds - Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard
  • Robert Brown - Vocals/Bass
  • Lucy Brown - Drums/Percussion

Forming in 2006, the Telfordian band blend a mix of Joy Division aestheticism and a lyrical approach akin to the Moldy Peaches, however, the band have a range of influences ranging from eighties post-punk outfits such as Gang of Four, to the musical Cabaret, to the TV output of Harry Hill. The band truly stands out among their contemporaries on the Midlands scene for their sideways take on popular music. Decadence in Berlin’s aim is simple – to make you smile and move your feet.

2nd Best // Shropshire Star Battle of the Bands \'09

BBC Radio Shropshire Unsigned Act of the Week, June \'09

If you\'re a promoter or a band looking for support, please message us!

"Indie post-punk, my favourite...not" - Bargain Hunt\'s Tim Wonnacott on Decadence in Berlin.

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