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Phatboy!  A brash, young quintet of power pop punk formed from the ashes of Telford acts Quitting Hollywood, Twelve and Out and Rogue Faction, founded on hard-hitting melody, harmony, driving beats and cardiac-arrest stage energy!

We're a gang of best friends who have worked together in various bands in the past, and have finally united into an unstoppable whirlwind of riffs and upper register, with an unreasonable passion for the music we deliver, taking a sacred vow to never give anything less than twice what's expected!!

We've recently finished our FREE DEBUT EP, "Cheesy Does It!", available for FREE DOWNLOAD from our myspace (below), and completed our first UK tour this summer from Leeds to London! 

What's next for Phatboy?  Work has begun on the followup EP, hoped to reach fruition by Christmas (watch this (my)space!) and are looking to book shows!

So check out our page; get your digital hands on our FREE EP (it's free, you need it!), check out our music video and drop us a line to let us know what you think!


"Their music has the party rock gaskets of Bowling for Soup, the skateboard punk kiting of Blink 182, and the boundless energy of Sing it Loud.  Phatboy's music feels at home at any skateboard park in the world.  73%


"Silly name aside, this four-tracker is actually really promising.  Driving verses and singalong hooks, in places this is really very good and even more impressive bearing in mind it's totally DIY ... Get in a decent studio and then we could have a real prospect on our hands.  3.5/5"

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