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Diamond Lil
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Diamond Lil

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We are a classic rock band influenced by the greats such as Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Thin Lizzy etc with a modern swing to it all. In 2008 our line up is now set and ready to take over the rock scene. 

Lead singer Adam Carr has a powerful voice that is a mixture of almost poetic like subtlety and raunchous sleaze rock. Adam has a more modern approach to his look and songwriting style that intertwines beautifully with the classic rock sound. 

Lead guitar Harry Colley has a definitive sound and plays with heart and make memorable riffs and solos. Harry brings a classic sound to the band and his guitar work is a reminder of the 70's era of rock n roll. 

Rhythm guitar David Butwell brings a modern playing style to the rhythm section. Favouring punk bands Dave has a distinct rhythm style that livens up the classic sound. 

Bass guitar Jamie Downes is a reliable bassist who thunders out low bass notes and brings that harder classic rock edge to the band. Jamie cites influences that vary from Classic rock to Jazz.

Drummer Patrick Cleary is a brilliant drummer who has given the bands sound a real big kick up the ass. The newest member of Diamond Lil and gives the band a real unique sound. 

2008 is the year of the "lil"

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