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Jaded Halo
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Jaded Halo

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We are a two piece band that are aiming to create something original and unique. We want to create deep and meaningful music. Music has had such an impact upon our lives and we are trying to do that to other people.

Right now we are currently focusing more on our instrumental side. We are both heavily influenced by film scores and atmospheric music and that is where we are currently channeling our creativity.

The themes that we explore in our lyrics and music are things that we have experienced and lived through. Our message is a positive one. We believe that by exploring your inner demons and working hard to rid yourself of them, you are able to become the person you want to be. To us anything is possible.

There are no boundaries when it comes to making our music. We have so many influences that all range from different genres and we are not afraid to push ourselves into making something that is completely unlike what we expect and what others expect of us.

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