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The Brickyard in Carlisle
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Top 3 Genres: Metal

Yes that’s right FREAKYFEST 2008 is all planned and we have a real treat in store for you guys. As we’ve been quietly working away potting the best festival ever. May 28th 2008 at The Brickyard in Carlisle we shall be hosting our first Freakyfest summer event: LINE UP COMING SOON FREAKY FEST NEEDS YOU Freakyfest will feature live music, burlesque theatre, Guest DJs, with art and poetry Freakyfest is being organised to provide an exciting alternative to the main UK festivals, who seem to be doing the same thing every year with the same bands. We aim to bring the best in metal and alternative entertainment to bring a completely new exciting event to the alternative scene inm the UK. Freakyfest will be using volunteers to make the Art and Poetry side of the event possible. Freakyfest will have designated quiet zones for people to relax and have a break from the heavier side of Freakyfest and enjoy the local artistic talent.

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