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Woodbridge Inn, The

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The Woodbrigde in is a new venue in the Telford area.

We've only been going 9 months and are still finding are feet at the moment.. We have a good reputation among the bands that play here and the also with the people who come to watch them..

We are a pay on the door Venue but have now started are own guest list which if your on it entitles you to only £1 entry to any gig instead of the usual £3

We are now building quite a strong following and will be putting on some great things this year like Battle Royale and FreeFest.

so if your interested in giggin or getting on the guest list at are venue call jools on 07709443101 or see are myspace page

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hi we are very interested in playing here and would it be possible for us to talk to you as we are coming to a gig on the 5th feb ? thanks distain
Posted: 12.1.10 - 2:27pm