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Gravy Train

Rock 'n' Roll buffoonery for you and yours ..

The unrehearsed country blues funk of Shropshire's very own Gravy Train
demonstrates very clearly that if you wanna make some easy cash, then play
guitar with your woman's moustache!

Yes, Gravy Train are to the blues what Harold Shipman is to bedside manners.

Slide Guitar, Powerful soul vocals, driving drums and a rhythm guitar
which sounds like Keith Richards in a whorehouse, Gravy Train delight the
listener's every orifice.

A fun packed show including Telford Jihad, Werewolves, Talent voting, head
rolling, Harmony vocals, nefritis and paraphimosis.

Here's what everyone else is saying :

"See this band if you see nothing else" Stevie Wonder

"Would you like another grape Dotty? Johnny Morris

"I'm having a friend over for dinner" Jeffery Dhamer

"Put your best suit on when you see these boys" Ed Gein

Vocals / Bass Kevin Thursfield
Falsh Drums / Plums
Johnny "Guitar" Westwood Emu
Wayne Martin Guitar / JD / Off road musical soiree'

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Comments for this Band

Fountain Inn, The
disappointed they never showed due to drummers baby being born!
Posted: 26.2.08 - 11:21pm