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House Of Alice
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House Of Alice

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Now that 2006 is well under way, our 5 piece line-up is now feeling firmly established after well over 150 gigs together. During recent months we have found time to drop one or two different covers into our set but more importantly we have also been rehearsing and performing original material to remind ourselves that we are also a band that write songs too. Our new album featuring 10 new Alice tracks will be available for your listening pleasure soon. The album is completely self produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by ourselves at our studio during the rare free time that we have had. In a firm attempt to feel famous and important we are filming a number of our gigs in preparation of releasing a live DVD which will double very well as a coaster. So with the frightening thought of you being able to see the Alice on your own widescreen TV (Letís face it, itíll need to be) just remember that we are all parents and if you think we look scary, we are so just feel sorry for our kids. See you at an arena near you soon HOA Paul Parker, Lead Singer, Lead Guitarist, lynch pin and founder member of the band over 12 years ago has quite literally got more front than Brighton . One of the most experienced professional musicians in Shropshire has played more gigs than you have had hot dinners. Jason Chambers is one of the more weighty members of HOA and has been with the band for 5 years. Without a doubt the sweatiest and loudest member of the band regularly has the ground shaking and thatís before he hits the drums. Marc ďThe ReverendĒ Swain has been preaching his keyboarding hymns to the world through the means of the church of Alice for 8 years. The serious man with a fetish for everything 80ís canít wait to blow your mind with his high velocity synth magic. Nigel Blower is the newest member of the band and the oldest (we keep reminding him) constantly having to be wheel chaired into gigs then put on a drip of his favorite beer, he is now saving for a hip replacement due to constant stage diving in a Brian potter way. Phil Rose is the Bernard manning of the group keeps us going with his thumping bass lines then tells a bad joke and then we go to pieces, you will always find Phil in his car listening to his eight track cartridges of ELO then coming back into the gig whistling Mr. blue sky oh and by the way he still thinks it's 1973 please someone tell him he doesn't believe us he is still waiting for the next Elvis gig.

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