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Final Hope
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Final Hope

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We started about 2 years ago back when we were the age of 14, we started to set up this POP/ROCK band taking influences of Good Charlotte, Gold finger, Mest and many more. (Jimbo) guitar and (Greeni) bass, after just playing around on their instruments Jimbo started writing songs, from there the band started to develop. (Ben) drummer was found on a bus to Crewe where we would practise. The songs began to build up e.g. “Lenny the Extraterrestrial”, “Not complaining” and the ironically named “Self Titled” and many more. We the started to gig after about 6 months of preparation, playing many gigs set up by the counsel (studio Q) we played our first gig in the centre of Hanley. Then many more gigs cropped up, at Satchmo’s in Hanley, the Glebe in Stoke, the “Sugarmill” in Hanley and more recently the Limelight in Crewe and many others. Very recently the band has taken on (Stu) rhythm guitar. The 4 band members are currently in the studio recording and producing their new album.

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