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Ebenezer Weazel
Location:Other (Shrop.)
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Ebenezer Weazel

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The Weazels, as they are commonly known, have ripped their flesh in Shropshire with a style of music which is a blend of many aspects. With a driving bass, a hallmark drum section with a melodic, yet sometimes psycho frenetic guitar, which warms a bygone library of sound which is revitalised in the 21st century. They play (in their own words) all the songs other bands don�t play! You won�t hear those tired old standards from this band, this three piece may be small in size, but they are big on sound A kick-ass roots rock band from Shifnal in Shropshire. Regulars on the biker circuit and clubs up and down the UK. THE WEAZELS ARE....... KEV (VOCALS,BASS) Known as �The metronome� Kev, like JB is more than comfortable playing off the wall and on the edge, Ever the one to not do things as they were intended his complete confi dence as a musician pushes the band ever forward and upwards. The perfect front man who can engage the crowd no matter how large or small. Previous bands include Original Ebenezer Weazel:Forensic Evidence (Jazz Funk); Billy Suggers Band (Roots Covers): Leven Creed (Pop) JB (GUITAR, KEYBOARD, BACKING VOCALS) From rock to country and everything in between he plays guitar from the heart, sometimes crossing styles in mid stream with ease, never afraid to go out on a limb even if he doesn�t make it back!!! Yet can play low down and moody when the need arises. Previous bands include Original Ebenezer Weazel; Paperhouse (Rock); Voodoo Sioux (Rock); Toured with Little Angels and Terrorvision, The Fabulous Bluehearts (Rockabilly), Kelly�s Heroes (blues/rock) BODGE (DRUMS, BACKING VOCALS) Big, solid and dependable and that�s just the size of his feet, Bodge is the lynch pin in this solid power trio, with a touch and a swing that just gets his fellow Weazels pumping Previous bands include Billy Suggers Band (Roots Covers) Leven Creed (Pop) THEIR MISSION..... �To always play out of our fur, never to play safe, always to have fun and never take it too seriously; always laugh at each others cock-ups and take the piss out of Bodge whenever possible (we can always get a drum machine!!!!)�

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