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Facade are a 5-piece indie rock band from Wolverhampton. The band formed in early 2005 after former member Joe of Midnite Red created Facade. Determined to keep going with his goal, he set out on his quest to reform and create a new band. It has been a long, long road to getting the group to its present form with the line up changing several times. The line up is now refreshed and ready to go. Facade currently has a set of ten songs, and working hard on several more songs, including some that have been demo'd. We currently have five cover songs but we anticipate to add more as our "set" continues to expand. We are now rough recording our new songs and will be using the best ones to go onto our new album - "Unimagined Dreams". They will be recorded in the studio hopefully by Autumn 2007. Facade's new EP, "Unwritten Wishes" will be released in 2006. Songs featured on the EP will be: 'Cant Go On', 'Love Hurts (Miss You)', 'Muddle' and 'Purple Sea'. The EP will be available to purchase at our gigs or from any of the band members; email for details of how to obtain a copy. (Postage will be extra.) The bands own flash website will be up and running shortly with features such as a slide show containing pictures of Facade, some short video clips, a scrapbook of the band members interests, details about the band members, a band photo gallery and much much more so please check this site out. We will inform you when it is ready so keep coming back to our my space site. The current line-up of Facade dates from December 2006, having had a few changes since its conception. The band has real enthusiasm, creating its own particular music style by writing songs and doing covers of songs they think people will like to hear. The band meet regularly to rehearse, practice their performance, throw around ideas and create vibrant music. Like most current bands, they are looking for their first 'real' break to get them on their way. We hope to see you at our gigs and we would also like to wish the friends of Facade all the best with their future success; we hope they return the compliment. Email us for further information and we hope to see you at our future gigs!!!

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