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Run Fast Turn Left
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Run Fast Turn Left

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Run Fast Turn Left started its life as a side Project with three of its members linked through a well known Shrewsbury, Shropshire band called Project Valkyrie, Phill, Trant and Col worked on the project in their spare time recruiting help from guitarist Dan and working on several songs whilst trying to find a suitable singer.

In the middle of all of this Project Valkyrie came to an end meaning that everyone had more time to focus on Run Fast Turn Left.

Eventually we happened upon Middie who's voice complemented the bands music perfectly and it was decided that the vocals would be shared between both Middie and Col.

Over the coming months the band worked hard perfecting their sound ready to record. Their first 5 track EP was recorded at Off The Radar studios and is now available online.

Middie left the band in mid 2008 and we are pleased to welcome Rob to take over on guitar.

Band Lineup

Dan - Lead GuitarCol - Keys & VocalsTrant - Bass
Phill - Drums

Rob- Guitar

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