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Broken Faith
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Broken Faith

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Born in the suburbs of Birmingham, England during 2004, with the aim of creating something that cut above the rest, Broken Faith began their assault on the British metal scene.

As the band grew certain members were to be replaced as they were incapable of coping with the workload of an upcoming band.

In 2006 the line-up had settled to four hard working metalheads who wanted to go all the way.

Touring relentlessly for the entirety of 2006 Broken Faith still found time to record their first Ep 'Bodybags for power'. This was greeted with a response and reviews which far outweighed their expectations.

2007 saw Broken Faith push their live performance to the limit, playing over 100 shows across the UK and gaining the interest of metal beings outside of their home town.

Performing is evidently holds a huge amount of passion for this band, thus completely disregarding the lack of sleep, extreme bangovers and (it has been known) accomodation.

however, it was time to raise the bar. A new member was to join, adding keyboards to the mix. A new recording was immediately done. This became Broken Faiths' second Ep 'Throne of Shame'. This not only lived up to expectations but completely obliterated the idea that Broken Faith were just 'another metal band'.

Live shows continued with insane responses to a sound not heard before my modern 'metal' standards. Progressive, thrash, dark and, at times, tranquil Broken Faith demand to be heard. Cited by American radio as 'the best, most innovative heavy music to come out of england in the last ten years' are you listening?

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