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Rising from the ashes of a previous band, PARAGON formed in late September 2012 and hit the ground running. Covering artists and bands as diverse as Adele to Metallica, Pink to AC/DC, Paragon continue to wow crowds and fill venues with their unique talent and high quality sound.

Originating from all over the West Midlands (and further! - Chris) and playing to pubs, clubs and charity events throughout the Midlands, Paragon have already built a huge fan base that regularly arrive en-mass to show support and enjoy a good night of music and entertainment.

Paragon are delighted to announce that they have been selected to perform at the Staffordshire Bike Show in July 2013, a fantastic event seeing thousands of visitors through the turnstiles….Bikes, Sunshine and Paragon…what could be better! \m/

With over 20 years of professional singing experience under her belt, Paragon are skilfully fronted by the awesome Mandy Nuttall, delivering powerful and soulful vocals on a wide range of tracks and genres. Expertly joining her on guitars are Chris “Fastlad” Ainley (Rhythm/lead/vocals) and Paul “Trousers” Turner (Lead/Rhythm/vocals). The Paragon boat is kept steady by Barrie “Bazza” Luckman on bass and Rich “Biff” Biffen on the skins.


You can contact Paragon on , via ReverbNation at or follow us on Twitter @paragonband5.

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