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Mezzotonic are Simon Lloyd on Vocals and Keyboards, Adam Parkes on guitar, Matt Poole on Bass and Backing Vocals and finally Daniel Hayward on Drums and Percussion. Mezzotonic?s style is best described as Funk/Rock but has a number of different influences from a range of styles. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Maroon 5, Rage Against the Machine and Level 42 to name but a few. Combining these influences seems to have created an unusual and individual style. The funky bass lines and guitar riffs, combined with the soulful vocal and disciplined drums create the sound that is Mezzotonic and often leave audiences wanting more. The final line up for the band was completed in 2004,and since then Mezzotonic have been developing their sound, recording their CD and keeping up with a busy gig schedule. Some of their biggest achievements to date include being runners up in the Wolverhampton Varsity Battle of the Bands and currently being placed in the top 10 for the Beacon Radio Battle of the Bands competition. They are also proud to be through to the quarter final of the Robin2 Live Band of the Year Competition and have been offered support slots at the venue as a result of their performances. Mezzotonic are currently recording their second album and are increasing their number of live bookings by the day, hoping to break into the Birmingham scene. This is becoming much easier with the likes of Reaction Music Promotions who are extremely helpful and supportive of the band. Mezzotonic would like to thank David at Reaction for all his hard work and efforts and look forward to working with him again soon. Mezzotonic are unsure what the future holds for them, but are going to continue to play when ever and where ever possible and encourage new fans and interest. More acoustic gigs are also being planned in order to try and achieve and wider fan base. ?Funk-rock band Mezzotonic, by contrast, positively exploded onto the stage with a frenzy of slapping/popping bass guitar and intricate drum patterns. Vocally, the band?s Simon Lloyd veers between Jay Kay-style rap to soulful, melodic crooning. Similarly, Adam Parkes? guitar style manages to encompass classic rock and wah-wah-driven 70?s funk. Mezzotonic, from Wolverhampton, are an extremely energetic live act, their 20-minute set leaving all of the band?s members soaked in sweat.? David Rann, Reaction Music Promotions, Showcase

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