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Peter Jones
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Peter Jones

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During the 80s I was priveliged to work with an amazing bunch of musicians originally called \\\'Paragon\\\' and latterly \\\'Empire Works\\\' (same line up, different name).

It was end-end music, even forming a company with the rest of the band designing and manufacturing electronic percussion. This brought us many great contacts in the music world which was topped by seeing Ultravox play at the incredible Live Aid concert using our gear. We still retain that contact today.

I will be performing a mixture of original material and covers of some of my favourite songs from the recent past right up to date.

This isn\\\'t Karaoke.

The backing is made up of sequenced keyboard and drum tracks using Cubase VST. I go back a long way with Cubase and was product specialist and beta-tester in the 80s.

Bass guitar and backing vocals plus any secondary guitar parts are also recorded leaving lead vocal and all the principle guitar parts live.

All of this is carefully put together using a relatively limited sound-base to ensure a consistent feel and dynamic during live performance. Effects are used very sparingly - again to keep the feel live and nothing like the torrid glossy nonsense that is a feature of many solo artists using MP3s.

Live recordings were taken ay the Rose and Crown, Stirchley, Telford. Mixer outputs were fed into Cubase and a small amount of ambient reverb has been added post production to compensate for the dryness of the live mix.

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