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Members: Fraz, Ste, James, Ben


"Shouldn\\\'t have p!$$ed with zombies" - Flesh Eating MRS (Abomination 08) Okto have proved to the scene that you don\\\'t have to follow your favourite artists\\\' music. Okto are unique, being discribed as the most original band in the area today, though it\\\'s taken 2 years to get there. Okto started in the Winter of 2006, from the previous members\\\' bands "April Rose" & "Bolted Shut". At this point they played a very a mix of hardcore punk/metal. This style was showcased in the "Hands Of An Ape" Ep in 2007.
After the "Hands Of An Ape" sessions and a few line up changes, new material was practiced, but never released. It wasn\\\'t until Okto wrote the new songs for Abomination that their sound developed into what it is today.
Following on from Abomination, Okto have a number of new songs, that are more epic in scope and diverse in sound. Current plans for the band are to release an extnded version of the Abomination and start working on the next album.

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