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Give Chase
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Give Chase

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Give Chase are an unsigned rock / dance four piece based in Telford Shropshire.

Simon Redford-Sears - Vocals/Guitar


Evan Walker – Guitar


Add Morris – Bass/Synthesizers


Chris Williams - Drums


Give Chase were formed in 2005, and went by the original name of Forty Thieves. The band formed in March when Chris (formerly of Hoi Polloi) joined Add, Simon and Evan and played their first gig the following summer. They recorded initial demos in a local studio that summer and performed at 3 festivals.


The following three years progressed slowly as Add and Chris went away to separate Universities. Simon and Evan Reece Walker continued to record and write new material, and the band rehearsed during breaks in the academic year. Add came out of Swansea Metropolitan and Chris left Loughborough University in the summer of 2008.


The band decided a fresh start was required and agreed to rename the band Give Chase. They have recently recorded an 8 track studio album released at the beginning May 2010 which is available for free download at Give Chase have been gigging throughout the UK,but predominantly the midlands and are planning a busy remainder of 2010.

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