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Kreed - The Ultimate Creed Tribute Band.

Kreed are the UKs "Ultimate Creed Tribute Band". Started way back, we followed Creeds fate and split up shortly after Creed did! Hearing of a Creed reunion, calls were made and a Kreed-Tribute reunion was on the cards.

 \"\\"\\"\"\"\\"\\\\"\\\\"\\"\"A few months of rehearsing and adding songs from the newly released "Full Circle" album, Kreed are ready to rock with all of the best loved Creed songs.

Come and enjoy a great night of music with a Tribute to a band whose sound defined a new genre in music.

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The Revolution
Hows it going? Could you please respond to our email about the support slot at The Haygate, Cheers
Posted: 15.8.10 - 10:54am