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In Like Flynn
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In Like Flynn

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There is a certain je ne sais quoi, oh so very special about In Like Flynn. They were formed back in the electric age of Grunge and Brit Pop circa 1994. Their music is not easily defined as far as genres go, but it can have the energy of the Chili Peppers and the sensitivity of Radiohead. Influences are wide and varied ranging from Gainsbourg to Rollins and Morricone to Audioslave. The band have been guilty of not playing enough gigs in the past much to the frustration of their fans but they intend to rectify this in 2007 by playing extensively in the West Mids and London. The band rely heavily on their own melodic tunes which often go down better than the well chosen and alternative covers that they have been applauded for. The band have played alongside hundreds of bands and are experienced when it comes to turning on an audience and blowing the roof off a venue. The band are now based in Telford and London where the singer now lives, in the long run this will play an integral part in the bands success. Clive Beasley (drums) and George Willetts (Bass) now run Music Bros together - the music shop at Telford Town Centre. Del Jones (guitars) now teaches guitar, bass and drums in association with Music Bros. Tim Dwyer (vocals) as mentioned above lives near Camden Town where he signs on at the local labour exchange (joke). For all of those that have witnessed the electric frenzy of an In Like Flynn gig, rest assured that the best is yet to come. For those that have never seen the band, be prepared for a very explosive surprise.

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