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We are a four piece band based in Shropshire. Consisting of Saxophone, keyboards, bass and drums we tend to lean towards JAZZ although jazz means a lot of different things to different people, alas not always good. 

Sometimes when we ask friends and people we know to come and see us they say "But I don"t like jazz". Sometimes we kidnap these people and drag then to the gigs and force them to listen.

They usually say,"Yeah, that was really good, I enjoyed it, but that wasn"t really jazz, was it?" Well, only if you define jazz as something you don"t like... 

We do not play Trad jazz, we do not play cool jazz, sometimes we do not play jazz at all...

We can play a smooth dinner jazz set at some of our resturant bookings - but we also like to play rooms full of dancing people, when the music is likely to be more Latin and Rock influenced.

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