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New Site - F.A.Q.

Posted by admin on 20.10.07 - 7:42pm

Q1. Where is the forum?


Q2. Some of the feature don't work for me.......

A2. The new site and forum is functional and has a great feature set, but not every link, feature, bell and whistle is fully functional yet. Give us a short while and we will get it all working "just right".

Q3. I can't login.

A3. You have, or will, be sent an e-mail containing your new username and password for the website. If you were not previously registered on the bands directory, you will need to sign up to advertise gigs, post comments etc.....

More F.A.Q. to follow.......

Q4. What if I changed my e-mail address and don't receive notification?

A4. Then the e-mail which is sent to your registered address from the old bands directory will be returned un-deliverable. If we have not heard contrary by 15th November, your band will be removed from the new band directory, and if you are still active as a band and wish to use this FREE service, you will need to re-register.

More F.A.Q. to follow........


Q5. Why Can't I Add Venues For Gigs Outside Shropshire?

A5. You can. However, this website is called "TelfordRocks" (although it should probably be called "ShropshireRocks"). This means it's for LOCAL gigs and LOCAL bands. Of course, our local bands do play outside shropshire, and you can add venues as "non-local".



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