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Musicians wanted for new band

Posted by admin on 13.9.11 - 8:50am

From Allan Wood:-

Thinking of starting a commitments style band and we are looking for like minded peoples.
Female vocals, Sax and trumpet and pianist.
Can contact through email:

Telephone 01543 467600 during office hours





From Paul Townsend:-

I\'m looking to put a band together to rehearse once a week and gig whenever possible.

I\'m new around here and am looking for a Bassist, a Drummer, a Lead Guitarist and Keyboards. Backing vocals most welcome! I play rhythm guitar, a bit of sax and some blues harp. I\'ve always fronted the bands that I\'ve been in and been the main vocalist. 

I want to play good old pub rock, Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll and anything else the punters want to listen to.

Contact me through my profile on Telford Rocks or via email 


Thank you

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