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Tattoo Freeze!

Posted by admin on 26.11.09 - 4:57pm

Tattoo Freeze Convention 2010 - Telford International Centre - Sunday 17th January 2010.


A brand new tattoo convention is being launched this January with a fresh take on the concept for regular tattoo events.


Tattoo Freeze is a one-day show run by the publishers of Skin Deep, Skin Shots, Tattoo Master and organisers of Tattoo Jam (the UK’s biggest tattoo event). It is being held at the Telford International Centre on Sunday 17th January 2010.


Breaking the mould of other conventions, the “Freeze” will have a much stronger emphasis on complimentary art forms and entertainment that go hand in hand with tattoo art, along with some of the world’s best tattoo artists working at the show on the day.

According to event co-ordinator Stuart Mears, “We will have some of the world’s best artists working at Tattoo Freeze. For example, Manchester-based tattooist Louis Molloy who runs one of the most highly regarded tattoo studios in the UK and has also done the majority of the skin art on David Beckham.



“And there are many other world class artists attending from the UK as well, but as an International convention, there are artists who will be joining us in Telford for the day from everywhere across the globe.


“There are artists from France, Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Malaysia, Venezuela, Poland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, New Zealand and several from the USA, including Sweet Laraine… another amazing artist who has never even been to Europe before!”


Taking place on Sunday 17th January 2010, Tattoo Freeze starts the tattoo convention season in style with a wide range of activities to cater for those not getting tattooed on the day.


The Graffiti Kings will be working on a huge 48ft by 8ft high graffiti wall, showcasing their skills and giving tips on techniques in their drop-in workshop.


There will be custom paint displays in a great line up of hot rods, cars, bikes and trikes from some of the best UK custom vehicle experts.


Three separate gallery spaces have been organised. In the first, attendees will have the chance to view and vote for the winner of the ‘1st National Tattoo Photography Awards’. The second will display a whole variety of paintings and artwork from the talented members of the website,, sponsors of the event.


While the third will hold artists working on an ArtFusion exhibition, where teams of artists and individuals will be producing pieces of art on giant blank canvases. Each artist will be working on a canvas for 20 – 30 minutes throughout the day. All artworks produced will then go up for auction with all proceeds raised going to the chosen Tattoo Freeze charity, the Nicola’s Fund.


For those with sporting interests, the 1st Tattoo Freeze Roller Derby will be held in the Telford International Centre. Those taking part in the four-team tournament will be; the Steam Rollers, the Suffra Jets, the Ultraviolet Femmes and the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames.


And for BMX and Skateboard enthusiasts, there will be demonstrations and workshops throughout the day from some of the countries top talent - Bas Keep and Dan Lacey on BMX and Chris Oliver (2008 British Champion) and Trevor Johnson on Skateboard.


For more information on the Tattoo Freeze Convention 2010, visit the website on, Ticket prices are £10 per adult and £5 per child. Doors are open from 10am to 11pm on Sunday 17th January at the Telford International Centre, Shropshire.

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