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Telford Rocks moves on...

Posted by admin on 22.8.09 - 12:38pm

Nothing stands still in life and Telford Rocks is no exception.

To support the TR team, bands and venues the site now has the backing of Scadge Productions ( and IthinkIT (

What\'s changed? Well not a lot at the moment. Any plans for changes need to include the (positive) views of the bands and the venues so check out the TR forums to start the ball rolling.

Both Scadge Productions and IthinkIT are committed to supporting local music, Scadge having already worked with many local bands/events, and IthinkIT providing IT hardware and support to lots of local bands, artists and businesses.

Trev and Jon at Scadge have developed a Telford based studio hub for bands to record their albums, film their music videos, take their publicity photos etc and Neil of IthinkIT is a keen music fan who sponsored the first round of video interviews with Telford bands.

So, keep supporting Telford Rocks, local bands and venues and let us know your views on how to get the Telford music scene rocking!

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