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TNT enter iac song competition. - UPDATE!!!

Posted by admin on 30.7.09 - 5:59pm

Their song "I'll be the rain" is entered into the ACOUSTIC category and you can help by signing up and voting here: 

Once you select I'LL BE THE RAIN and press the SUBMIT VOTES buton, you will be sent to the sign up page, where instruction are given, but the whole thing only takes a minute.

Go on, get voting and support your local bands!


Thanks to everyone who has been voting in the global song competition for:

"I'll be the rain" by TNT
"Can't take no more" by Screemer

Both songs have made it through to the second round!
Voting for the second round begins on 11th August.

Thankyou once again. It means a lot that the songs are still enjoyed and appreciated so much.

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