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Bike Rally Gig available

Posted by admin on 13.7.09 - 5:28pm

If thats grabed your attention the you need to read on.

If you fancy getting yourselves up in front of a load of different bike clubs and getting some great rally scene exposure on the 3rd October between 12 and 8 pm, then just e-mail with the details of your band, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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All of the available slots have now been filled and confirmed. Thanks to all those who expressed an interest in this, and your details have been stored so that we may contact you about future slots.
Posted: 25.7.09 - 1:20pm

Bang To Rights
Bang To Rights are up for it
Posted: 17.7.09 - 10:18am

I'm back now and will be putting a list together over the weekend. I've had half a dozen replies so far, so keep 'em coming and I'll put the details of all the bands to the bike club after the weekend and then get back to you all.
Posted: 15.7.09 - 7:10pm