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First TR Presents gig at the Haygate!

Posted by admin on 15.9.08 - 6:50pm

The First TR Presents gig, (to be held at the Haygate in Wellington) is this coming Friday, 19th September from 8.00pm onwards.

There will be three bands performing.

1st - Unit 37 will be performing their last gig with Nick Andrews (guitar) and Ian Hooley is standing in on vocals as they still haven't sorted out a full time vocalist. This should be an interesting and entertaining set from a band not regularly gigging, but featuring TR's own Ben Bosco.

2nd - Dry Dog Nose will be appearing and thrilling all with their own brand of blues rock. I've been told their covers are far from the ordinary, and should prove to be something different.

3rd - TNT will be the last band in the PLANNED set, performing clasic rock covers most will know well.

These sets may be followed by a little jam amongst the players present and a few of the TR team if they show on the night. - PETE ? Si ? PAUL ?

 Entry is free, and all the proceeds from this gig will go towards putting on future gigs with up and coming local bands.

We hope to see those who care about local musicians, in local venues there!


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it's worth noting that this is nick's last gig with unit37 because he won a huge competition and was awarded a year's scholarship in Europe's finsest Institute of Contempory Music performance in London... like..we didn't FIRE him or anything...
Posted: 15.9.08 - 11:15pm