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TR song competition announced!

Posted by admin on 5.5.08 - 10:50am

TR has made the decision to hold a "Telfordrocks Song Competition", in the absence of the TR battle of the bands this year!

The prize for this will include a full studio recording of the winning track including studio time, engineer and producer. Also on offer will be a gig promoted by the Telfordrocks team, and possibly some other goodies!!!

The format is still under discussion but will probably be something like this:-

The competition is for RECORDED material only.
Each entrant can submit ONE song only.
Either recent (new) or past (old) songs can be entered.
Entries will be submitted via mp3 to a web location to be announced
Voting categories will probably be along the lines of ....... music writing quality, lyric writing quality, arrangement quality, performance quality etc.... (recording quality will NOT be taken into account)!
The judges will be local people from the music industry such as studio's, radio etc.....
One of the points scoring criteria which will make up a SMALL percentage of the points will be a public voting system.

We are expecting to get the details finalised by the end of June ready to start in early July."

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