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Shebangg get management and record deal

Posted by admin on 24.11.07 - 12:06pm

SheBangg have been signed to a management company called Dragoneye . The management company are based in Lincolnshire and their A n R people have travelled down to Shropshire to watch us a few times. They also have on their books "Subsonic" which is the new project by Ron Marks (ex guitarist for Celtic Frost) and the new rock band "The Latch" featuring Lee Latchford Evans (from STEPS!!!).
We have also been signed to the record label Nexiardé Music with a view to releasing a single in the new year, followed by an album. We are recording the single at the studios at The Royal College for the Blind (not deaf!!) with a chap called Paul Read (who was the engineer on albums for Catatonia, Boo Radleys, Coldplay and Portishead etc.) and the single is set to be released on February 25th 2008, following lots of radio airplay over the coming two months. 
Meanwhile: they have rebranded us with new logo, corporate colours, banners etc.;  they have revamped our MySpace (check it out!.... ); they are setting us up a brand new SheBangg website; they have set us up an online press kit ( ); they are setting up a range of SheBangg merchandise; organising interviews and press releases everywhere in January; sorting out a range of endorsement deals (for instance, I have just signed an endorsement deal with Patrick Eggle guitars!!); and finally arranging any tours and gigs etc for 2008 (although we are still going to honour all the local gigs we have got booked up).
Here is the article from the Shropshire Star:-
A Shropshire band are getting ready to release their debut single, along with a video filmed in the county. SheBangg are set to enter the recording studio to record their debut single "Inspiration". It will be released on the Nexiardé record label in February next year.
The band, from Bridgnorth, consists of Chrissii Wing, Tim Barratt, Leyton Burgess and Ryan Mortier. They will record the song in the studios at The Royal College of the Blind in Hereford, with Engineer Paul Read who has worked with Catatonia and Coldplay. A video, which will be filmed in Shropshire, is expected to follow. Nexiardé Music CEO Geno De Lora said "Chrissii is an amazing vocal talent, the best female voice in rock for may years. This accompanied by the intricate song writing talent and pitch perfect harmonies of the rest of the band give SheBangg one of the purest homegrown sounds that I have heard in a very long time."
Anyway, that's whats happened so far!..... didn't Ryan Mortier join us at the right time!!!

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Primal State
Congratulations guys, best of luck with your career to come! Jay - Primal State
Posted: 30.1.08 - 5:07pm