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Blades of Angels

Posted by ben on 26.10.07 - 2:24pm

More than half a year after Project Valkyrie split, Pete and Gez have finally got something moving. They've opted to start a 2 piece acoustic outfit (for now) playing rock and ambient music, and have begun working on our first EP provisionally entitled 'From Darkness Comes Only Light'. The first 2 demo's from this are up on the myspace page and whilst far from finished articles they do give a good impression of where they're going.

Hopefully they'll be releasing the EP soon and can begin gigging to promote it and get ourselves back on the scene they've both missed so much.

The legendary Project Valkyrie formed in 2002, and decided to call it a day early this year, splitting into Run Fast Turn Left, and Blades of Angels.

Check out Blades of Angels' myspace

This news was sent in by Peter Horton.

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