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More small venues bite the dust!

Posted by admin on 25.10.07 - 6:07pm

To my knowledge there are at least two small music venues that have ceased to have live bands in the last TWO WEEKS.

The first is "The Bush" in St Georges - Telford. Taken over by new tenants and now only having solo acts, DJ's and the like.

The second venue has gone also due to a change of tennant and is "The Pheasant" in WrockwardineWood - Telford. I have been informed that they are no longer having live entertainment.

Two venues in quite close proximity in such a short period of time. The pub trade has always been fairly fickle when it comes to longevity, and some pubs just don't seem to keep the same people for very long. The recent problems for music goers and bands alike is still a worrying one though. It is widely recognised that the recent smoking ban has had a much larger impact on the pub trade as a whole, than people thought it would. Many bands have already had to endure gigs played to empty pubs as the customers were all outside.

It was first believed that winter would bring the customers back inside, but the recent cold snap has simply caused many to stay at home. With this in mind the question to ask is surely how long can the local pub trade take it, and still continue to pay for a band on a friday night.

Of course the question still remains for many as to whether the smoking band is the real cause of the downward spiral in the pub trade recently.

Are some of the local venues already considering not having entertainment next year? Are more landlords and landladies considering leaving the pub trade? All that IS certain is that if the pub trade suffers, then so will the live music scene!

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haha what's with the nasty green font? But yes, it will be interesting to see the effect the smoking ban has now that it's winter!
Posted: 26.10.07 - 6:59pm