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The End of an Era - And Thankyou - Chris Payne

Posted by Don't Panic on 6.10.07 - 11:48am

So as lots of you will already be aware, Chris Payne (the Telford Rocks founder) has left Telford Rocks. Over the years Chris has put in hour after hour week after week of hard graft to make Telford Rocks work for all the musicians and music fans in the area. He has put on some great gigs / battle of the bands, and deserves a huge amount of respect for all the work and dedication he has put into the local music scene.

Thanks partly I believe to the dedication that Chris has shown, Telford now has one of the best local music scenes outside of the big cities! This focus and drive for the local music community will hopefully not be lost on his departure. A team to be announced in the near future, (once details are confirmed) will be taking over in his place. This should mean that more time can more easily be put into each aspect of Telford Rocks, and exciting things will be planned for the forthcoming twelve months.

Once again - Thankyou Chris!

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