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Interview with Run Fast Turn Left

Run Fast Turn Left (RFTL) are a melodic rock / metal band hailing from Newport and Shrewsbury. They formed just before Christmas 2006, with members coming from bands such as Project Valkyrie, Hit and Run, and Unit37. The band's line up is

  • Colin Rees - Vocals and Keyboards
  • David Middleton - Vocals and Guitar
  • Dan Renyard - Lead Guitar
  • James Tranter - Bass Guitar
  • Phill Jones - Drums.

They range in age from 19 to 26, and sitting opposite Colin, David and Phill, I suddenly feel a lot older than I did before they arrived! With the formalities of ensuring names are spelt correctly and contact details taken, we crack on with the interview.

IH: Is it just a working relationship or do you all get on as friends outside of the band?

RFTL: No, we do get on as friends, obviously the ex Project Valkyrie Guys have known each other for years, some of us were at school together, and others have worked together outside of the band. We also spend a lot of time together now, but away from the band doing other things.

IH: Okay guy's I've gotta ask this one - How did you come up with the name Run Fast Turn Left?

RFTL: We knew that we would get asked that question a lot, so we tried to think of a good story to tell when we got asked. The truth is we went on wikipedia and looked up things like mosh pit and words like that and tried to find something that sounded cool, and someone had used it to describe how a circle pit works. We thought it sounded interesting and like something people would either love or hate, so there it is.

IH: What would you list as the bands main musical influences?

RFTL: That's a difficult question to answer as a band, because we've all got different tastes. Killswitch are a band everybody in our band likes, they're a good mix of heavy and melodic. Our lead guitarist loves Trivium, a lot, he's obsessed.

IH: If you do a gig tonight, with any artist or band of your choice, who would it be?

RFTL: It would have to someone classic, someone you look back on and say, my band played with... In the end it would have to be Slipknot, because you've got Joey and Corey there.

IH: How do you think that your lives would be different if you weren't musicians?

RFTL: To be honest we've no idea what we'd be doing with our free time if we weren't doing something in music. Everything for us revolves around music, if we're not playing, we're going so see a gig somewhere.

IH: What's the next Big Gig your going to see?

RFTL: Foo Fighters.

IH: What's your favourite song that your band plays?

RFTL: That's easy, When will I be famous by Bros. At the end of our set we play that and it's just such a cheesy song that it's brilliant to play it live".

Trant in the studio.

IH: I assume you do an alternative version then?

RFTL: Oh yeah.

IH: What's your main goal or where do see the band in a years time?

RFTL: Well, hopefully a couple more EP's and some more touring experience. Really it's just gotta be more gigs and more experience. Try to get a name. At the end of the day we're just having fun so wherever it takes us it's cool.

IH: What's been the high point for the band so far?

RFTL: The EP. Coming out of the studio and thinking wow, we've actually pulled it off this time . Originally when we booked it we were gonna do these four songs but we ended up with five and couldn't agree on which one to drop. No one could decide, we'd all got favorite tracks and no one was willing to give up one and see it scrapped.

IH: So what did you do in the end?

RFTL: We recorded all five and still got finished in time.

IH: What about the low point for the band?

RFTL: There haven't been any yet!

IH: Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans and all the people reading this?

RFTL: To the fans, thanks for the support. There's people we know who've played the EP and have shown so much support to us. To the other people, give us a chance, have a listen and feel free to let us know what you think.

Also we're looking for gigs, so any bands or venues reading this - get in touch! We're trying to build up a fan base and do our own gigs, but we're also interested in doing support slots for other bands.

Run Fast Turn Left are one of a new breed of young band, who have the dream, but also mixed with a little realism and being down to earth. They seem to greatly enjoy what they do, and that's the kind of thing that rubs an audience up the right way, and should see this band gain a good following over the coming months.

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Article written by Ian Hooley