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**** No More Entries being accepting ****

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Telfordrocks 2008 song competition Entry form.

Entry can be made by uploading the track to

It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up to and it's well worth it as you get to promote your music to millions of people worldwide, a bit like myspace but dedicated completely to music.

Once your signed up and you've uploaded your song in mp3 format, we just ask you to fill out and send the on-line form which will be placed below.

Entries must be made between the 1st-21st August 2008. Once we have added all the entries to the Telfordrocks song competition station using our iacmusic account, the judging will begin.

The whole entry proceedure should take no longer than ten minutes to complete, start to finish, and it's well worth it too with all the great prizes and promotion on offer to the winners.

After uploading your track to IAC, Fill in the form below to enter the competition.

All entries must be made between 1st-21st August 2008.
No late entries will be accepted.
Only one entry per artist/Band (if you are a band but also a solo performer, or in more than one band, then one entry for each is acceptable).
By entering you agree to have your song played on the Telfordrocks website.

Telfordrocks song competition 2008

- - -

The winners are........

Apt, with their song "falling Leaves".