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Business Rocks!

If you're a band, you're also a business. You need to make money to at least cover your costs and hopefully start to make a profit. You need to charge for your services, give value for money, account for your expenses and pay the taxman(!). You need to market yourself and understand health and safety and insure yourself, your equipment, and cover any public liability. You need to budget for costs and know how to work with other people. And be aware of the law and avoid being taken advantage of. But there is expertise available, often free, to help you deal with all of this. This page will help point you in the right direction.

And venues know what being in business is all about but often need support like any other business. Venues can find help here, whether it be for finance, marketing or legal matters, and how to get help along the way.

With help from the business world of Shropshire and surrounding areas, Telford Rocks aims to bring you advice and support to help you along the way to succeeding and growing in the music industry and the business world.