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Who is TelfordRocks?

TelfordRocks was born around 2002 when a few like minded people had the idea to create an online community in Telford (Shropshire) to bring the bands that were playing around the town together and allow them the freedom to discuss all things musical. This idea worked well and following our first TelfordRocks Battle of the Bands, now known simply at 'TBoTB' the site began to grow quickly. Now with strong links with the local Telford & Wrekin Council and the local BBC Radio Shropshire plus Colleges and Universities and other like minded sites across the UK, the draw to the TelfordRocks site and forum is growing daily. What started off as a small town based project now encompasses the whole of the Shropshire County and welcome bands and venues from all genres and walks of life. Even the fans themselves who don't play instruments are involved in the forums and the main site developments so TelfordRocks can continue to grow and adapt. The organisations founder Chris Payne left TelfordRocks in September 2007 after TBoTB6, so he could spend a little time with his wife, and concentrate on his career. A small team of people have taken over in his stead and will continue to promote a thriving live music scene in the Telford and Shropshire area.

At present the TR Team is

  • Jon Wilkins - Website
  • Pete Heywood - Forum Admin

There are also other members of the team who lend their services with events/forum moderation etc.

What are the aims of TelfordRocks?

TelfordRocks' basic aim is to raise the awareness of local live music within the community both on and off line. With the working partnerships we have forged with other bodies including councils and schools, we are at last starting to see the growth in support so desperately needed.

How can I get involved with TelfordRocks?

Easy, we are always looking for volunteers. Just e-mail us on and we can have a chat about how you can help out. We are split in to different sections which are: Web site, Forum and Events. In your e-mail please state which of these you wish to get involved with, and give us some basic details about yourself.

The people out there who play in these bands need the support of the local music concert going public to advance them in the music industry and, indeed, in their dreams. Some of these young (and not so young) people have the talent and drive to get them to where they want to be, all they need is a place to play and someone to hear them do it!

This is what TelfordRocks is all about. In an area where the majority view live music with a certain degree of apathy, TelfordRocks gives a united voice to all the fine bands slogging it out to get noticed, or just because they love it.

So where and how?

Telford & Shropshire area.

E-mail -