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The Response

The Response, a West Midlands based band; are an eclectic bunch of friends and friends of friends who came together to make music they like, they're way. From the diverse musical taste of each member of the band, you'd be excused to think this group of lads would never make this work. But they have and what an explosive sound; conforming was never going to be high on this bands agenda. Tony's love of ska and punk (Evident on 'FORGOTTEN HEROES and WHEN I WAS YOUNGER), James' arrival from Hard Rockers 'Run Fast Turn Left, looked a total misfit for Leigh's folk roots and Ben Honky tonk blues.

With Mark's love of all things from Rock to Hard Dance beats just listening to 'TUMBLEDOWN' he locks in, holds the guys steady and then fires them into oblivion. Ever evident, though often subtle are Ben's dirty blues melodies, reined in only by the power of Leigh and Tony's guitars.


Leigh - Guitar and Vocals, Ben - Keyboard and Vocals, Tony - Guitar, James - Bass, Mark - Drums


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